Making People Feel Like Part of the Family at your Church.

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We have been talking about being a loving and thriving church. Sometimes we don’t know what that might look like.
Here are over 20 ways to serve, be loving and a thriving member of your church.

1. Shake hands with visitors and invite them to a meal after church

2. Call the list of people who are not faithful at each service or who have disappeared and ask” how can I help”

3. Instead of just asking how are you, ask “what can I pray about for you or what’s on your heart today?” Dig deeper

4. Encourage members to the Bible studies by inviting them and offering rides

5. Ask people if you can spend time with them to give or glean, mentoring is bonding

6. Take newly saved people out to dinner ask them if they have questions and disciple them

7. Write cards for birthdays

8. Write cards for people on your heart

9. Keep your ear to the wind and find out needs and help meet those needs, Jesus often met physical needs to remove the distraction so he could meet spiritual ones as well

10. Cutting grass for people out of town, or others traveling

11. Painting the houses of elderly and visiting shut-ins…. helping with oil changes and car inspections for single moms

12. Serve once a month in the nursery to get to know the kids and their parents (I love this because I get to invest in the next generation)

13. Host a Bible study

14. Pray for the leadership and their families.

15. Notice those who aren’t thriving and get to know them and be light there to help them grow and it will also sharpen you…hint they are the people who don’t make eye contact, don’t sing and who sit when people are greeting each other.

16. Plan to get to know one person a month outside of your comfort zone beyond a handshake

17. Ask where any help is needed and see it as an opportunity to pave the way for others. i.e. volunteer to take one of the cleaning days and find out more about the person who cleans and chat with them as you do the job for them. Let them get paid for it but be a blessing.

18. Offer to host a date night for young couples to have together time. Bring the kids to the church and give them the gospel and food while parents take a break

19. Give your phone numbers to newcomers and offer to help them settle in the community…. create a phone list of people willing to pray with or for others and put your name on that list.

20. When you hear prayer requests in Sunday school/church offer to shoulder that request with the person. Two are better than one.

21. Listen to people and listen in order to help (not enable) their needs

22. Ask people what their testimony is, how they got saved. Everyone has a story and every story matters to GOD. It encourages them to confirm what God has done.

23. Sit in a new place and talk to the people around you

24. Greet people at the door and take them to a class and sit with them (thank GOD for someone who insisted I sit with them my first few weeks)

25. Let those who serve, know you are Johnny on the spot if they have a need. i.e. that you can counsel someone for salvation in the Children’s ministry, that you might be available to be the fifth hand if needed, ask what you can donate or contribute to the Children’s ministry to say, hey we love you.

26. Come up with creative ways to get people together and host an event for evangelism, fellowship, and growth.

27. Work in ministries of people at our church who do outreach i.e. street witnessing, prison ministry, nursing home. Volunteers are needed in those areas

28. See a need and invest in eternity by being the shoes to that need.

29. Don’t assume anyone is above reaching out to. Everyone needs compassion.


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