Advice to Younger You

All of us would love to give advice to our younger self. Advice that would not stop him from the good and bad experiences he must face but advice that would help him be stronger against the adversary of his own soul.  

If I had to tell my younger self something that would help him for the rest of his life and my younger self is 17  If I knew it was me then me would understand older me

I would tell myself how evil, manipulate,destructive and terribly intellectual Satan can be with humans. We are no match for him. He will use people, emotions, pains, wounded spirits, victories, our self, our pride, our strengths and our weaknesses against us. The only thing that will save you Richard is Gods truth. Learn it, study it, absorb it and live it. Do not follow religion follow Jesus as your personal intimate friend.

The devil is deceptive in everything and in everything about you he will use against you only the truth God truth will give you victory over his deceptive ways.