New Years Resolution To Life Changing

If I don’t get this weight off it’s going to kill me. My marriage is falling apart. My children hate me and my spouse doesn’t know what to do with me. My addictions is destroying my family and my health. My bad habits are eating me up inside I can’t take it anymore.

So at the beginning of each year we make a grand effort and to stop our bad habits, to put it end to hurting others.

We may do good for a month before our desires get the better of us. We are determined and desperate to make this happen, so what went wrong? The problem to our New Year’s Resolution is we tried doing it in our own strength.
That’s why change never works unless you give your heart to Christ. Oh I know what your thinking!

Oh, no not this again! Why do people keep pushing this down my throat! I’m so sick of the same story over and over and over. I’ve seen many people in church no different than me.

Do you want a solution to the pain that you are causing yourself and to others?

Then just bare with me for a few minutes, just enough time to get you to rethinking your way of life in how that your way is not working for you and time to change your life forever now as well as in eternity. Whether you are not born-again or whether you are frustrated with your walk with Christ. It is time to make a change now it is time. Now is your time.
What some people fail to tell you about serving Christ is that following Christ and doing what he commands frees you from the lifestyle that is not working for you but against you at every turn. You must realize that the truths written in His word will help you to be satisfied with what you have. Will help you to master your desires so your desires do not master you. That through His word will teach you what is truly right and what is terribly wrong.

When you get to the place that you admit that you are wrong and He is right that you are weak and helpless thereby surrendering your all into His care. Then He will give you the power through His grace to help you to being a better person.

He will allow you to go through situations and circumstances that will open your eyes that His word is the truth.

He will place people in your life that will have the same desires and bad habits that you now have in order to open your eyes to how destructive your addiction truly is. He not only shows his truth within his word but also demonstrates it through life situations that you encounter through the people that are in your life for a life lesson. He will use life examples with other people to teach you so that you will say, wow, am I really that bad.

The changes come through disciplining your mind to think differently by focusing on the truths of God by Daily reading His word, praying and praising often throughout your day will keep you focused on Him and His commands.

For he said himself “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” “I’ve come to give you life more abundantly.” “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

He changed me inside and out through people, circumstances, situations, trials and heartache. If He can change me TRUST ME HE CAN AND WILL CHANGE YOU!!!

Intimacy With Christ my dear friends