Living Life His Way

Psalm 37:5  Commit thy way unto the Lord;

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Trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

In Todays circle of Christian’s we do not know how to commit our ways unto the Lord!

Meaning, when troubles come or difficult situation arises we pray unto the Lord for leadership and for guidance, but we fail to commit to doing it God’s way and fully trusting God to bring it to pass.

Instead we think that God needs help, so, we by necessity (because we have no patience to wait upon the Lord) sake intervene on God’s behalf and in the process of doing so, we mess up the blessing that God had in store for us. So what happens is, we create another situation on top of our current situation because our own flesh got in the way of God’s blessing. Which in reality our situation equals God’s blessings through deliverance. Instead of our situation plus new situation equaling more chaos and confusion as to why God didn’t show up. When we brought all of it upon ourselves and then blame God for it!!!

The scripture is pretty clear, “commit your way unto The Lord.” Meaning his way IS the only option. “Trust also in him” meaning to trust that God is guiding you and at the right moment, “he shall bring it to pass.” Doing His way squelches chaos and confusion, and brings blessings, faith and trust in God’s mighty hand, thereby strengthening your faith and relationship with abba Father.

Intimacy With Christ cannot happen without your consent!!!

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