Christmas is Giving

This is the season for giving! You ever wonder why that at the birth of Jesus giving is the main attitude of everyone whether they are a follower of God or a follower of their own way? God is a God of love, so giving would be a natural centre of the birth of His son. The wise men gave gifts to Jesus when he was two years old. When Jesus became of age as an adult at thirty years old He started to give back to humanity. The gift of not only himself as God in human form but also the gift of truth then three years later the gift of His death as a payment for all of humanity’s sin. So giving centers around the life of Jesus. Why? Because giving is who He is, it’s deeply embedded within His very nature in God the Fathers nature and in everyone he gave the right to be His children.

“But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God,” (John 1:12 ESV)
So giving should come natural to a new born again believer but sadly it doesn’t they are still selfish self centered people looking for their own gain. Until they realize through God’s word and a series of trials that God allows to come into your own life so you can realize that you cannot control your destiny in life no matter how much you try too. Oh you can go your own way, forging your way through life with vim and vigor however, your life no matter how much you gain; troubles, unrest, hatred, separation, anger, bitterness and mistrust will follow you and be the core of your existence. Until you as a Christian or sinner hand over your life in God’s control to be subjected to His commands you will never know the joy of serving him, the joy in following His commands the truth of His love and faithfulness. So giving is the core of every Christians purpose in life to reveal to the world who God is and the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus. So give until it hurts, give even if your life’s at stake….give for God created this in the core of every human ever created in His image. That is why everyone loves to give at Christmas time because we were meant too. The true meaning of Christmas is God’s only Son ……who…..gave.

Merry Christmas from Intimacy With Christ ~ Richard Wafford

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