What? Trust God right NOW?

Trusting God isn’t always easy when the things that are tangible have turned against you. It is also hard to trust God when the thirty foot tidal waves of circumstances comes tumbling down upon you and your about ready to drown. However, in the midst of harsh situations there is always someone there to help in your time of need and all you have to do is call out the name of Jesus. According to God’s word to living an abundant life it says that trusting him and standing upon his promises, is the best thing that we could possibly do. When we trust him completely only then will God begin to work out a miracle just for you. For every miracle in God’s Holy Word began with a overwhelming problem but thats when God steps in to make a difference in our lives. Let us ponder some overwhelming problems and consider how great God is in our time of need.
When Jacob stoled Esau’s birthright and ran for his life. Later when Jacob was confronted by his brother God gave grace to Esau towards his brother and Jacob was forgiven.
How about Moses and all of Israel at the Red Sea with the Egyptians coming down upon them. God out a pillar of fire to separate the Egyptians from the Jews while they had time to cross the Red Sea that God separated by his mighty power thereby saving the Israelites and drowning the Egyptians. Is there anything to hard for God? I don’t believe there is!!!

Let us go all out in trusting God for the miracles we need in our situations. However, if we stop short of trusting him completely we stop short of the miracles that are there waiting for us. A prayer never gets answered until there is a total trust upon the one we have offered the prayer to, because if we don’t…. then we do not fully trust in him. If faith and trust is not there then nothing happens and you wonder where God is in your life. He’s not there because you have failed to take the necessary step to him being there and that is faith and trust in God the Father who will take care of His children. He will always take care of His children. His love is eternal and it is everlasting. He can never loose his love for us. His love will never diminish or fade away. He loved us so much that He gave you and me the greatest gift he could of ever have given His one and only Son, for God so loved in John 3: 16 pretty much says it all.

The scripture verses I am going to share with you are one of the most powerful verses in God’s word, it describes within these verses how much he loves us, how much he will back you and support you, all the way till you get to heaven, and it describes how powerful His love is to sustain and keep us even when the thirty foot tidal waves of circumstances come tumbling down upon us to destroy us. We are more than conquerors, if God be for us who can be against us and nothing in all creation will be ever able to separate us from the love of God. AMEN!!!

So sit back pull out your Bibles open up to the book of Romans chapter 8 and read verses 31 to 39 and don’t forget to read the next verse right after that in Roman 9: 1 where Paul says, “I speak the truth in Christ–I am not lying, my conscience confirms it in the Holy Spirit.” Verse 1 solidifies and confirms what he just wrote in chapter 8.

After you read these verses sit back ruminate, think over and over what His word says to you and be encouraged by it. If this greatly lifts up your spirit, encourages and strengthens you spiritually e-mail me so I can be encourage by helping you.

Love in Christ,


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